G’aay (COW), our iconic brand needs no introduction. G’aay (COW) is an emblem of our passion for flavor and commitment to quality. For decades, it has enriched the flavor of Indian cuisine. Today “G’aay Chhap” brand Products have become a demanding product name in the kitchens of India. G’aay Chhap Rice Flour, G’aay Chhap Coarse Besan, Gaay Chhap Jowar Flour, Gaay Chhap Bajri Flour, Gaay Chhap Corn Flour and Uttam Atta from Ahmedabad.

S.N.O Product
1 Cow Chakki Atta 10lb
2 Cow Chakki Atta 20lb
3 Cow Besan 10lbx4pcs
4 Cow Besan 2lbx20pcs
5 Cow Besan 4lbx10pcs
6 Cow Maida 2lbx16pcs
7 Cow Maida 4lbx8pcs
8 Cow Sooji Coarse 10 lbs X4
9 Cow Sooji Coarse 2lbx18pcs
10 Cow Sooji Coarse 4lbx9pcs
11 Cow Sooji Fine 10 lbsX4
12 Cow Sooji Fine 2lbx18
13 Cow Sooji Fine 4lbx9pcs
14 Cow Bajri Flour 2lbx16
15 Cow Bajri Flour 4lbx8pcs
16 Cow Barley Flour 2 lbs X 16
17 Cow Bhakhari Flour 2lbx16pcs
18 Cow Bhakhari Flour 4lbx8pcs
19 Cow Corn Flour Fine 2lbx16pcs
20 Cow Corn Flour Fine 4 lbsX8
21 Cow Dhokla Flour 4lbx10pcs
22 Cow Dhosa Flour 4lbx10pcs
23 Cow Handwa Flour 2lbx20
24 Cow Handwa Flour 4lbx10pcs
25 Cow Idli Flour 1lbx40pcs
26 Cow Idli Flour 2lbx20
27 Cow Idli Rava 2lbx20pcs
28 Cow Idli Rava 4lbx10pcs
29 Cow Juwar Flour 2lbx16pcs
30 Cow Juwar Flour 4lbx8pcs
31 Cow Kala Chana Besan 2lbsx16pcs
32 Cow Kala Chana Besan 4lbsx8pcs
33 Cow Kuttu Flour 4 lbs X 8
34 Cow Ladu Besan Flour 2lbx16pcs
35 Cow Ladu Besan Flour 4lbsx8pcs
36 Cow Ladu Flour 2lbx16
37 Cow Ladu Flour 4lbx8pcs
38 Cow Mathiya Flour 2lbsX16
39 Cow Mathiya flour 4 lbs X8
40 Cow Moong Dal Flour 2lbx16pcs
41 Cow Moong Dal Flour 4lbsX8
42 Cow Moong Flour 2lbsX16
43 Cow Moong Flour 4lbsX8
44 Cow Moraiyo Flour 1 lbs X40
45 Cow Punjabi Corn Flour 2lbx16pcs
46 Cow Punjabi Corn Flour 4lbx8pcs
47 Cow Ragi Flour 2lbx16pcs
48 Cow Ragi Flour 4lbx8pcs
49 Cow Rajgaro Flour 2lbx16pcs
50 Cow Rajgaro Flour 4lbx8pcs
51 Cow Rice Flour 2lbx16pcs
52 Cow Rice Flour 4lbx8pcs
53 Cow Roasted Upma Mix 2lbx18pcs
54 Cow Roasted Upma Mix 4lbx9pcs
55 Cow Singoda Flour 1lbx32
56 Cow Singoda Flour 2lbx16pcs
57 Cow Singoda Flour 4 lbs X 8pc
58 Cow Urad Flour 2lbx16
59 Cow Urad Flour 4lbx8pcs
60 Cow White Dhokla Flour 2lbx20
61 Cow White Dhokla Flour 4lbx10pcs
62 Cow Yellow Corn Flour Fine 2lbx16pc
63 Cow Basmati Mamra 800gmx12
64 Cow Kolhapuri Mamra 400gmx24pcs
65 Cow Kolhapuri Mamra 800gmx12pcs
66 Cow Mamra 400gmx24pcs
67 Cow Moody Mamra 400gmx24pcs
68 Cow Moody Mamra 800x12pcs
69 Cow Poha Thick 2lbx20pcs
70 Cow Poha Thick 4lbx10pc
71 Cow Poha Thin 2lbx20pcs
72 Cow Poha Thin 4lbx10pcs
73 Cow Coriander 14ozx12pcs
74 Cow Coriander 7ozx15pcs
75 Cow Coriander Powder 14ozx12pcs
76 Cow Coriander Powder 5lbx8pcs
77 Cow Coriander Powder 7ozx15pcs
78 Cow Cumin 5lbx8pcs
79 Cow Cumin Powder 14ozx12pcs
80 Cow Cumin Powder 7ozx15pcs
81 Cow Garam Masala Hot 14ozx12pcs
82 Cow Garam Masala Hot 7ozx15pcs
83 Cow Garam Masala Mild 14ozx12pcs
84 Cow Garam Masala Mild 7ozx15pcs
85 Cow Kokam Dry 7ozx12pcs
86 Cow Methi 14ozx12pcs
87 Cow Methi 7ozx15pcs
88 Cow Mustard 14ozx12pcs
89 Cow Mustard 7ozx15pcs
90 Cow Sabudana 14ozx12pcs
91 Cow Turmeric Powder 200gmx15pcs
92 Cow Turmeric Powder 400gmx12pcs

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