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A US based company, produces a wide range of premium chicken products at its own processing plant in upstate New York. As the K&N's® brand gained recognition internationally, K&N’s Foods USA setup manufacturing operations for producing products in the US to serve markets across the US, Canada, and other foreign countries.
No monosodium glutamate added No preservatives No nitrates or nitrites added 0 gm trans-fat per serving No mechanically separated chicken meat

S.N.O Product
1 K&N's Chapli Kabab 12x298gm
2 K&N's Chapli Kabab 8x520gm Family Pack
3 K&N's Chicken Mortadella 18x226gm
4 K&N's Chicken Nugget 8x580gm Family Pack
5 K&N's Chicken Nuggets 12x323gm
6 K&N's Chicken Patty 12x309gm
7 K&N's Croquettes 12x318gm
8 K&N's Haray Bharay Nugget 12x320gm
9 K&N's Kafta Kabab 12x240gm
10 K&N's Kofta 12x312gm
11 K&N's Seekh Kabab 12x240gm
12 K&N's Seekh Kabab 8x454gm Family Pack
13 K&N's Shami Kabab 12x317gm
14 K&N's Skinless Chicken Jumbo Frank 18x297gm
15 K&N's Tender Pops 12x310gm
16 K&N's Tender Pops 8x490gm Family Pack
17 K&N`s Chicken Frankfurter 18x318gm
18 K&N`s Fun Nuggets 8x580gm Family

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