Think Pickles…. Think Priya Foods Think delectable Indian tastes… Think Priya Foods Think nostalgic grandmother’s recipes…. Think Priya Foods

Because Priya Foods in a way redefined the Indian culinary art, bottled the rich and diverse legacy of the Indian kitchen, and has been delivering the authentic and incredible taste for more than three decades.

Priya Foods is the registered trademark of Ushodaya Enterprises Private Limited, a part of renowned Ramoji Group headquartered in Hyderabad. Beginning the journey with bottled Andhra pickles, Priya Foods quickly unravelled the secret of the Indian cuisine that lay in its flavours garnished with love and affection and embellished with joy and novelty. Priya Foods revolutionized the practice through a stupendous scientific process while retaining the ‘Indianness’ in every dish. With excellent state-of-the-art infrastructure and driven by visionary management and skillful manpower, Priya Foods today boasts of an array of food products from pickles to commodities, snacks to instant mixes, pastes to powders, all absorbing the essence of Indian taste.

S.N.O Product
1 Priya Dahi Vada Mix 36x200gm
2 Priya Dosa Mix 60x200gm
3 Priya Gulabjamun Mix 60x200gm
4 Priya Idli Mix 60x200gm
5 Priya Jilebi Mix 60x200gm
6 Priya Kheer Mix 60x200gm
7 Priya Oats Dosa Mix 42x200gm
8 Priya Oats Idli Mix 42x200gm
9 Priya Oats Upma Mix 42x200gm
10 Priya Oats Utappam Mix 42x200gm
11 Priya Pesarattu Mix 60x200gm
12 Priya Rava Dosa Mix 60x200gm
13 Priya Upma Mix 60x175gm
14 Priya Utappam Mix 60x175gm
15 Priya Vada Mix 60x200gm
16 Priya Amla 24x300gm
17 Priya Amla With Garlic 24x300gm
18 Priya Bitter Gourd 24x300gm (Karela)
19 Priya Bitter Gourd With Garlic 24x300gm (Karela)
20 Priya Brinjal 24x300gm
21 Priya Brinjal With Garlic 24x300gm
22 Priya Citron 24x300gm
23 Priya Citron With Garlic 24x300gm
24 Priya Coriander 24x300gm
25 Priya Coriander With Garlic 24x300gm
26 Priya Cut Mango 24x300gm
27 Priya Cut Mango With Garlic 24x300gm
28 Priya Garlic Pickle 24x300gm
29 Priya Ginger 24x300gm
30 Priya Ginger With Garlic 24x300gm
31 Priya Gongura 24x300gm
32 Priya Gongura Onion 24X300gm
33 Priya Gongura Onion With Garlic 24x300gm
34 Priya Gongura Red Chilly 24x300gm
35 Priya Gongura Red Chilly With Garlic 24x300gm
36 Priya Gongura With Garlic 24x300gm
37 Priya Greeen Chilli Sliced 24x300gm
38 Priya Greeen Chilli Sliced with garlic 24x300gm
39 Priya Green Chilli 24x300gm
40 Priya Green Chilli With Garlic 24x300gm
41 Priya Green Tamarind 24x300gm
42 Priya Green Tamarind with garlic 24x300gm
43 Priya Lime 24x300gm
44 Priya Lime Ginger 24x300gm
45 Priya Lime Ginger With Garlic 24x300gm
46 Priya Lime With Garlic 24x300gm
47 Priya Mango 24x300gm
48 Priya Mango Ginger 24x300gm
49 Priya Mango Ginger wIth Garlic 24x300gm
50 Priya Mango Thokku 24x300gm
51 Priya Mango Thokku With Garlic 24x300gm
52 Priya Mango With Garlic 24x300gm
53 Priya Mixed Vegetable With Garlic 24x300gm
54 Priya Mixed Vegetable 24x300gm
55 Priya Onion 24x300gm
56 Priya Red Chilli 24x300gm
57 Priya Red Chilli With Garlic 24x300gm
58 Priya Sweet Garlic 24x300gm
59 Priya Sweet Ginger 24x300gm
60 Priya Sweet Ginger With Garlic 24x300gm
61 Priya Sweet Mango Chutney 24x340gm
62 Priya Tomato 24X300gm
63 Priya Tomato With Garlic 24X300gm
64 Priya Aloo Methi 24x300gm
65 Priya Andhra Veg Pulao 24x300gm
66 Priya Avial 24x300gm
67 Priya Bhindi Do Piaza 24x300gm
68 Priya Dal Makhani 24x300gm
69 Priya Gongura Dal 24x300gm
70 Priya Jeera Rice 24x300gm
71 Priya Madras Sambar 24x300gm
72 Priya Mango Dal 24x300gm
73 Priya Masala Dhal Fry 24x300gm
74 Priya Mixed Veg Dhal 24x300gm
75 Priya Mutter Paneer 24x300gm
76 Priya Navratan Kurma 24x300gm
77 Priya Palak Dal 24x300gm
78 Priya Palak Paneer 24x300gm
79 Priya Paneer Butter Masala 24x300gm
80 Priya Paneer Kadhai 24x300gm
81 Priya Panjabi Chhole 24x300gm
82 Priya Pavbhaji Masala 24x300gm
83 Priya Pongal (Hot) 24x300gm
84 Priya Rajma Masala 24x300gm
85 Priya Sambar Rice 24x300gm
86 Priya Shahi Paneer 24x300gm
87 Priya Tomato Dal 24x300gm
88 Priya Tomato Rice 24x300gm
89 Priya Vegetable Chettinad 24x300
90 Priya Vulava Charu 24x300gm
91 Priya Andhra Chicken Masala Powder 72x50gm
92 Priya Andhra Fish Masala Powder 72x50gm
93 Priya Biryani Masala Powder 36x100gm
94 Priya Bisbele Bhath Masala Powder 72x50gm
95 Priya Butter Chicken Masala Powder 72x50gm
96 Priya Chicken 65 Masala Powder 72x50gm
97 Priya Chicken Chettinaad Masala Powder 72x50gm
98 Priya Chilli Chicken Masala Powder 72x50gm
99 Priya Egg Masala Powder 72x50gm
100 Priya Fish Fry Masala Powder 72x50gm
101 Priya Hyderabadi Bagara Baingan Masala Powder 72x50gm
102 Priya Hyderabadi Chicken Biryani Masala Powder 72x50gm
103 Priya Hyderabadi Mutton Biryani Masala Powder 72x50gm
104 Priya Hyderabadi Mutton Masala Powder 72x50gm
105 Priya Hyderabadi Vegetable Biryani Masala Powder 72x50gm
106 Priya Korma (Chicken / Mutton) Masala Powder 72x50gm
107 Priya Kulambu Masala Powder 72x50gm
108 Priya Spicy Telugu Chaaru Masala Powder 72x50gm
109 Priya Spicy Telugu Sambar Masala Powder 72x50gm
110 Priya Tamarind Rice (Puliogare) Mix Powder 72x50gm
111 Priya Kura Karam Powder (Curry Chilli Powder)36x100gm
112 Priya Madras Curry Powder 36x100gm
113 Priya Meat Masala Powder 36x100gm
114 Priya Nalla Karam Powder (Rice&Snacks Spice Mix)36x100gm
115 Priya Rasam Powder 36x100gm
116 Priya Red Gram Spice Mix (Kandi Podi)36x100gm
117 Priya Sambar Powder 36x100gm
118 Priya Sesame Spice Mix (Nuvvula Podi)36x100gm
119 Priya Sona Massori Rice 10lb

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