Innovative Foods Limited (IFL) offers a range of exciting products for the global consumer. Consumers across the world who have a liking for authentic South Indian food have developed a strong preference for Sumeru brand. Sumeru have a strong presence in US, Singapore, NZ, Japan, Fiji, Mauritius and Canada. The products offered are specific to the needs of the consumers in various countries. Sumer’s production is done in best-in-class facilities with all the certifications for the overseas market, which makes Sumeru an immensely trusted brand across the international markets.

Sumeru is very popular for their Frozen Coconut, Malabar Parathas, Green Peas and South Indian Snacks.

S.N.O Product
1 Atta Paratha 24x300gm
2 Sumeru Malabar Paratha 300gmx 24
3 Sumeru Malabar Value Pack 1800gmx6pcs
4 Sumeru Ajwain Paratha 24x300g
5 Sumeru Methi Paratha 24x300g
6 Sumeru Flaky Paratha 24x300g
7 Sumeru Flaky Paratha Valu Pack 1800gmx6pcs
8 Sumeru Jeera Paratha 24x300g
9 Sambar 24x300gm
10 Sumeru Appam 24x255gm
11 Sumeru Dal Vada 12x255gm
12 Sumeru Idiyappam 255gmx36pcs
13 Sumeru Idly 12x255gm
14 Sumeru Masala Dosa 255gmx12pcs
15 Sumeru Sambar 12x300gm
16 Sumeru Vada Urad 12x255gm
17 Sumreru Green Peas12x1kg
18 Sumreru Green Peas 24x500gm
19 Sumeru Drumstick 290gmx24pcs
20 Sumeru Gooseberry (AMLA) 24x300gm
21 Sumeru Grated Coconut 454gmx28pcs
22 Sumeru Grated Coconut Value Pack 908gm X14 Packs
23 Sumeru Tapioca Chunks (Slice) 12x907gm
24 Sumeru Sambar Mix 24x340gm (Vegetable)
25 Sumeru Sliced Coconut 28x200gm
26 Sumeru Yam 24x300gm
27 Sumeru Appam & Stew 12x300gm
28 Sumeru Idiyappam & Stew 12x300gm
29 Sumeru Kerala Porotta 12x420gm
30 Sumeru Mini Idly & Sambar 12x300gm
31 Sumeru Puttu & Kadala Curry 12x300gm

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